Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fashion Icon: The Olsen Twins

I have always admired the fashion sensibilities of the Olsen Twins. After all, we share a love of Boho. For me, though, it has been more of a way of life for the past 20 years than a fashion statement.

So it should come as no surprise that I was pleased to read in The Emperor's Old Clothes a favorable critique of the Olsen Twin's fashion enterprise. The author,  critically-acclaimed designer Eric Gaskin, who was
 featured in a NY Times article about his blog and the demise of his fashion house, gives his uncensored perspective of the fashion industry, naming names and sparing no one who lacks talent. In a recent piece, he deconstructs the three types of celebrity fashion designers emerging from our celebrity culture. Mr. Gaskin generously extolled the Olsens'

talents and their fierce commitment to the design process; however, he was less than kind to those who have no creative relationship to their fashion line other than a label that bears their name. 
This evening after a hectic day, I decided to buy French rack of lamb at Whole Foods (yes, I am not boycotting the chain). By the olive bar
 my over-sized round sunglasses locked frames with the over sized frames of Mary Kate. She checked out my fashion ensemble from head to toe.

I was at my funky peak wearing my pewter and gray wide leg linen pants, BCBG cap-sleeved, double breasted navy pin-striped jacket, purple patent leather belt, scoop neck plum top,  wedge sandals, and an assortment of filigree
 vintage jewelry.  A mustard patent leather belt would have created more pop, but I didn't bother this morning after wearing yesterday an olive green belt over a rust colored tank and a patterned piece with red, ivory and black. A neutral black skirt and cardigan unified the contrasting elements. 

Rightly so, Mary-Kate's public performance has been described as part "unmistakeable signature," part "disguise." Was I the only one who was captivated by what she wore? She had on a spectacular ankle-length, pleated full skirt made of fuchsia taffeta; four-inch black wedged ankle boots; a chiffon black blouse; and a gray scarf. 

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