Monday, August 31, 2009

Escape from Alcatraz

Yesterday Dad attempted to escape from the nursing home. He mingled with a fellow patient's family members as the group shuffled out past security. A nurse later discovered Dad in the hallway and asked him what he was doing there. Dad claimed that he had been looking for a bathroom. Quick thinking. 

This was not the first time a patient attempt to escape. A nurse on staff relayed to my sister the tale of how patients in the dementia ward once tried to make an elaborate break from the ward. One patient pulled the fire alarm; another memorized the security code to open the locked doors; while another group of patients waited in their rooms with their luggage packed, ready to escape in all the chaos. I was sceptical that this drama occurred in the dementia ward, but anything is possible when humans live under institutional controls. 


Medawar said...

"Be kind to your children: they choose your nursing home."

june said...

I love your Dad.