Monday, January 7, 2008

Conversing with strangers

on the train ride home this evening i had a conversation with an african american man with elegant dreads and a big gentle spirit. he had been playing basketball with a hand held video game while waiting on the platform. and when the train pulled in, each us motioned to let the other party enter first. after he boarded, the man mentioned that he was trying to make room for me.

somehow we started talking about the video game.

the avatars available in the game, it turns out, are cross generational. this means that kareem abdul jabar or wilt chamberlain can be matched against current players. but the game has changed over the years. and most children have limited knowledge of the skills each one of these "older" players represents.

how would be if kareem played kobe.

the man who introduced himself as "henry" told me that he made his character embody the skills of dr. j. because he was from philadelphia. and to his liking, he found that he could win against a pushy shaq o'neal who would lumber towards his agile avatar. this entire world fascinates me.

he got off at 34th street.

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