Sunday, November 25, 2007

grocery store story

I witnessed the following drama scene at my local grocery store. This could be an example of blatant racism or obsessive compulsive disorder. Maybe it's just basic NYC germ paranoia.

At the grocery store tonight, a woman - 40ish, Anglo, blond wearing heavy make up - in line before me at the check out demanded that the cashier, a middle-aged African woman, not touch her lettuce selection. This became quite a complex feat to accomplish as no one could put the lettuce in a plastic bag or scan it without touching it. A male companion, rolling his eyes in apparent disgust for his companion's obsession, intervened to bag it and then identify the code for pricing.

The cashier began speaking to the manager in an African language, perhaps relaying the absurdity of the customer's demands.

In my conversation with the cashier afterwards, I asked her how many people, including undocumented farm workers, may have handled that head of lettuce before it was selected by the customer?

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