Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just another centerfold

Don't call this a mandate. So what if Scott Brown drives a truck; that kind of rhetoric doesn't win elections in Massachusetts. 

How much of Coakely's defeat is the result of her sense of entitlement? Because Scott Brown's victory was as much about the failings of his competitor to own the task at hand as it was about some imaginary disaffection from his constituents.  She thought the senate seat was hers. What else would have lead her to take a vacation when she should have campaigning. 

Reactionary voters in the suburbs of Boston just don't surprise me. They are driven by self-interest and the peace of mind of knowing that they already have a state-sponsored health care delivery system available to them. What about the rest of the country? Have their basic needs been squelched? This can only mean that thirty-seven million uninsured voters will need to rise up in 2010, or else Fox News and the Teabaggers will continue to gain momentum blaming President Obama for the problems he has inherited from the Bush Administration.


Pep said...

I agree... now a healthcare bill will be even more complicated to get on Obama's table.
Experts say that the MA elections also signal a discontent with the incumbent democratic majority in this jobless recovery (if we can already call it recovery).

Kat Gregory said...

I think the voters were expressing some dissatisfaction with the Gov. of Mass's performance.