Thursday, January 21, 2010

Avatar vs. Pocahontas

Yes, I was seduced by the three dimensional universe of Pandora conceived of so generously by Jim Cameron and his crew. I long for immersion into such a lush green world where I can commune with trees and frolic with blue feline companions who have the agility to climb trees and ride the backs of tamed birds. But I am no match for the wild things that roam that jungle.

Throughout my screening of the film I was reminded of American and European imperialism. Certainly the degradation of indigenous cultures and natural resources thematic of the storyline conjure associations with the history of American Indians, US invasion of Vietnam, Iraq, etc, etc. For the next generation of adults, however, this experiential allegory can be a teaching tool for examining the impact of capitalism and imperial expansionism.

The rewrite depicts the ultimate form of historical plagiarism. Borrowing from the "idea bank" runs deeper than adapting a storyline from a Disney animation. Cameron's exploits of an historical narrative makes me laugh. He is laughing too,  all the way to the bank.


Medawar said...

Looks likely that "Dances with Smurfs" will be beaten at the BAFTA's by "The Hurt Locker" directed by Cameron's Ex.

Kat Gregory said...

Bigelow's direction far surpassed what Cameron brought to the screen. Too bad fantasy will win over realism in this society.

Medawar said...

As predicted here, "The Hurt Locker" did well at the BAFTAs and won best film and best director. No particular BAFTA success for "Dances With Smurfs".

Medawar said...


For once, the Oscar followed the Bafta. Bigelow pulls it off.

Perhaps they Academy didn't want to reward a director, Cameron, notorious for not allowing actors or crew to have toilet breaks!