Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Tale of Two Christophers

This morning I met my friend Chris and his companion in the West Village for brunch. Our conversation was animated, focused mostly on the 2008 presidential election, Eliot's indiscretions, and possible running mates for Obama and Clinton. My comments, I must admit, were informed by watching Hardball with Chris Matthews

 On a few occasions my friend Chris has bumped into Mr. Matthews at various Washington D.C. political events. Each time Chris has received a dismissive response from Matthews. Matthews name came up during our brunch because my friend hasn't forgiven the commentator for his derogatory remarks about Hillary. 

After our meal at Westville on 10th Street, as Gavino and I walked up 9th Ave, my ears perked up when I heard the distinct voice of Chris Matthews behind us. Yes, it was a Chris immersed in conversation with another person and walking with a sense of purpose. Gavino and I trailed behind them for five blocks, following the sound of a familiar, upbeat voice of a person that we listen to each night at home.

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