Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client #9

A federal indictment is in order for Governor Spitzer: interstate transportation of a sex worker is a federal crime. Eliot Spitzer paid to transport a women across state lines for sex. This is a 20-year penalty for you and me.

"How stupid" were the first two words to come out of my mouth when I learned of Spitzer's indiscretion. Then I thought, "hypocrite". While this guy was attorney general, he prosecuted two prostitution rings. Did he think that he was above the law? "Was he a john or a pimp," I wondered.

The media claim that he's cutting a deal with federal authorities. I'm waiting for his resignation but then consider the fate of Senator Larry Craig. He's still in office. So what if nobody wants to be his summer intern now that his game is up.

My mother's response: was Spitzer set up? Is this a payback for
taking down Wall Street and prosecuting two prostitution rings?

Spitzer understood the trail of email, text messaging, and money laundering. He was not naive to the web of illegalities surrounding this online escort service.

"Ho No" was the headline on the front page of The NY Post this morning.

A sex workers' rights organization, meanwhile, asked in an email: What about "Kristen"?

Okay, back in the Netherlands this would not be an issue because of the regulation of commercial sex. Under the right conditions, commercial sex should be regulated. But it's not in most parts of the United States, and American politicians, especially morally arrogant ones, should uphold the laws they enforce.

I have a lot of respect for the prostitutes I have met over the past ten years. My research supports their rights to work in a safe and fair environment.

What about the rights of sex workers?

In the case of Spitzer, finally a "john" takes some of the responsibility for a commercial exchange that has mostly stigmatized and criminalized women.

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