Monday, January 7, 2008

UFO dream

galvino and i are driving to the midwest to settle there. my parents come with us; maybe to drop us off. but then i remember that they no longer drive, so this becomes a concern (how would they get back).

somehow the dream moves us back to the eastcoast. this time, galvino is driving. as we approach a school bus, he refuses to stop, and instead drives around the right side of it (possibly endangering children who never appear). i'm unnerved by his decision not to follow the rules of the road (nagging doesn't work as an effective form of communication).

no sooner has he driven passed the bus, the mommy/police brigade pulls us over to fine him $240 for a driving violation. The mommies are very self-righteous.

while i'm going on about how i don't want this violation to effect my insurance, suddenly from out of the sky appear these rectangular UFOs (a cigar-shaped UFO that I have seen on video many times). i feel a second of intense fear of the unknown. as they crash to the ground, expoding and transforming into birdmen, they appear to have the face, wings, and feathers of a bird but the lower body of a human.

They were looking up into the sky where there is a mosaic of American Indian symbols (something you might have seen on a tapestry).

Instead of feeling fear, my feelings are transformed into a sense of reverence as I bask in the light the sky full of symbols.

I woke up feeling elation. My cat Freddie sensed it too, and kept staring at me as if there were an alien spirit around me.

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