Saturday, January 19, 2008

Parking Karma

Galvino drove home from the Bronx this afternoon. His negative karma prevented him from finding a parking spot for almost an hour. At one point he blamed my presence for the lack of free parking.

I suggested that he fill the car up with gas and that after doing so, a parking spot would appear. It did. Now he claims that I put a spell on him.

We're heading to the Roy Wiemann exhibit at The Monkey. Initially Galvino didn't want to attend, however now that he has learned that Dominic Frasca, the legendary classical guitarist will be performing there, he is eager to see this Youtube icon. In fact, Galvino was in disbelief that the same classical guitar instructor could be involved in this Chelsea art opening.

As it turns out, Dominic is one of Galvino's favorite Youtube classical guitarists.

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