Thursday, December 27, 2007

Subway Mascara Fetish

Every few weeks or so I witness on a moving subway train the sublime art of applying mascara (I took this photo while on my way to work).

Are these women fetishists? Or, are they fulfilling the sexual needs of voyeurs who gaze upon them as they attempt such feats as applying lip and eye liner in a moving vehicle?

As a public service announcement:
Be careful, you might poke your eye.


Anonymous said...

Great catch! was that an iPhone shot? I've seen them balance a whole makeup palette and apply from start to finish.

Morten said...

Came across this googling "mascara fetish" (just doing research, relax =P )
Made me think of all those women who balance their entire makeup set while driving. Which i find both frightening and hilarious. Ever notice how most of these drive by makeup artists are old women? Often with a cigarette in their mouth as well. That's what I call classy.