Friday, December 28, 2007

Pregnant Subway Riders

This morning seated passengers on the 2 train incensed me to no avail, as I stood in the subway car watching them ignore a visibly pregnant woman standing before them.

As I took this picture, a man standing next to me searched my eyes in disbelief at my actions. I uttered my own disbelief that not a single person had offered their seat to her. After the man removed his I-pod earphones and I repeated myself with the same intensity, after which he made the following comment: "Yes, it happens here. It happens in New York. It shouldn't but it does."

Yes, sometimes I, too, misjudge a baby bump for stomach fat, but this woman's belly had dropped. She looked as if she were about to deliver as she swung from the hand rail above her head.

Shame on those passengers who turned the other way when a pregnant woman's belly was pressed just inches from their face.

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