Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lets Celebrate the Bad Mothers, too

Under the pretenses of food shopping at Whole Foods this morning, I ventured into TJ Maxx. No sooner had I begun to pillage the designer section, did I run afoul. Middle-aged, upper-middle class moms were out early with their only children celebrating Mother's Day but mostly spending the time screaming at and coercing their kids. I imagined ten years earlier these moms full of the splendor of pregnancy after a successful in-vitro insemination. But now the exasperation had set in, and a decade later their lives are filled with ways of subduing the little monster darling.

Did they live with any regret about taking on parenthood? Is motherhood all that our popular culture makes it out to be?

After this assault on my senses, I tried on and then eventually plucked this pair of Stuart Weitzman pumps (found here at Nordstrom for a considerable amount more than what I paid)  and then planted herbs and tomato seeds in a new ceramic pot. 

Happy Mother's Day!


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