Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hitting closer to home

I am wrapping my head around some unexpected news my family delivered over the phone. Maybe I am just not as prepared for a sudden pronouncement of death as I had previously thought.  Dad's nursing home roommate died earlier this week. "Henry" seemed like a good match for Dad. They were the quintessential Odd Couple together, communicating on two separate mental planes that never converged. Henry displayed a vitality much younger than his 93 years. His rants were amusing although mostly unintelligible; his mobility seemed agile. He had a penchant for the ladies. 

But a few weeks ago, Henry fell and broke his hip, and then suddenly found himself completely bedridden. I don't know if he an underlying condition caused his death, but now Dad seems more vulnerable to me.  

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Medawar said...

Merry Christmas, for all that!