Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feeding Frenzy at new Whole Foods store

"Gavino" vowed never again to step foot in the new Whole Foods on 98th/Columbus. The clientele were too rude and unwieldy with their over sized carts for his taste. Blocking entire aisles, herds of devotees circumnavigated the spacious 2 floors in a trance-like pace. New Yorkers obviously don't know how to navigate suburban sized grocery carts and should stick to hand baskets until further notice. 

A four-year-old girl learning to push her family's product selection in a small wheeled-basket was trailing behind her mother when the child was almost run down by a female customer plowing through the crowd. As mother and child mindlessly moved in the direction of another educational opportunity at the buffet bar, the shopper mumbled "why don't you teach your child to say excused me. " There was so much pent up middle class rage under this woman's breath, she clearly must have forgotten to take her vinyasa yoga class today. 

The strategy to open a Whole Foods on the edge of the Upper Westside clearly has attracted consumers from surrounding neighborhoods and cuts into Zabar's market share, but does the overpriced enterprise really serve the immediate community? 

It looks as if I will be shopping alone when TJ Maxx opens a store next month!

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