Monday, December 1, 2008

Young gay/bi sex in the City

This evening I attended a New York University lecture focused on understanding patterns of sexual risk behavior among young gay/bi men living in the five boroughs. The ongoing study examines the synergy of substance abuse, mental health and relationship development when measuring for sexual risk behavior.

Early findings: Interventionists would have us assume crystal meth is a driving influence for the high prevalence of new HIV+ cases among gay/bi men of Color. Stats show low use of the drug. Substance use does play a significant role in unprotected sexual behavior, in the form of alcohol and marijuana use.

How best to socialize young gay/bi men to make healthy choices in their sexual lives, especially if an entire generation of role models has been wiped out by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s?

What's the role of efficacy I ask? There once was a "Rainbow curriculum" in the school system here. Maybe I give too much importance to Queer-positive sex education. I wonder if it's possible to track adults, who as children attended sex positive education classes, to determine if such a curriculum will lead to better health practices and choices among former students.

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