Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lamb Chops

I grew up loving "Lamb Chops," the harmless puppet that frequented educational PBS TV productions in the early 1970s. Lately, I can't stop eating lamb chops. Yes, I've fallen off the vegetarian wagon again.

Last night at a splendid little Italian restaurant that takes "cash only," I ordered lamb chops. One of my dinner guests, who reads this blog, gave me a bewildered glance, commenting that he thought I had become a strict vegetarian. Maybe my proclamation came too soon after witnessing that dreadful Sarah Palin interview, in which slaughtered turkeys serve as props. Anyway, I was cornered. "Galvino," my dear husband, tried to defend my honor, but I had to admit openly that I preferred my lamb chops served medium RARE.

Did I mention that Joy Behar from The View was sitting behind us during dinner? Her fabulous Queens accent is so distinct. Actually, it was her profile that tipped me off, more precisely her nose. Kudos to Joy for standing up to John McCain during the presidential election campaign.

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