Monday, December 8, 2008

Just Photoshop me, please!

Campari is a superb Italian aperitif that doesn't need the likes of Jessica Alba to hock the beverage here or abroad. Why then did an ad agency opt in post-production to "trim" the image of Jessica's hips and thighs and then augment her breasts?

Was their motive to sell more Campari bottles or to construct an unobtainable feminine body image to their liking? Knowing that the representation of Jessica Alba is a social construction, do female consumers judge their own bodily form based on how they perceive the idealized Jessica or the "real" one? What power, if any, does the "designer/creator" yield manufacturing a mass marketed frozen standard of beauty? Does our insight into this manufactured process set in motion a more critical approach towards advertisement and fantasy or just reinforce its power and influence on us?

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