Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain is # 1 in the Keating 5

1985 seems like yesterday for some of us. Yet it's important to remind voters that in the 1980s McCain received illegal "political contributions" from Keating in return for not taking enforcement action against his banking institution. Keating's banks were a criminal enterprise. McCain knew it was a criminal enterprise. The McCain/Keating relationship was improper and mutually self-gratifying, at the center of which was ACCOUNTING FRAUD. This failure is about deregulation of the banking system. Yet McCain has only leaned further to the right and towards greater deregulation of the banking industry. Poor judgment.


SBVOR said...
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Kat in NYC said...

Someone left a nasty, lengthy response to my posting of the Keating 5 video. I suppose that it was viral in nature.