Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thinking of Tim

MSNBC's continuous memorializing of Tim Russert has rocked my emotions this weekend. I have wept profusely with each archival clip of Tim and stories of his kindheartedness as told by friends and colleagues.
Why do I feel such a strong sense of loss at his passing, feeling as if I have lost a brother or uncle? For most part, my television consumption is condensed to online clips. But Tim Russert was larger than life, passionate, a fierce and thorough political journalist, and deeply down to earth. He was "accessible" to the average person, emanating his magnanimous spirit into our homes.

The televised coverage of the 2008 presidential race will not be the same without him. Some of the excitement has been drained out of the race knowing he won't be there to cover the event.

Good night, sweet Teddy Bear.

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