Thursday, June 19, 2008


during lunchtime i stepped into rickie's to pick up some body wash, but found myself fixated on pocket sized emergency toilet paper rolls and ear plugs. i dismissed my urge to buy the items, thinking they would serve no purpose for me.

at the end of the day, i had the option of attending a yoga class or shopping at sephoras. walking in the direction of canal street, i suddenly recalled a film screening of the documentary, heavy load, about a "mix-abled" british punk band, debuting at DCTV.

after watching this empowering film, i spoke to the film maker about narrative choices he made, funding etc. that conversation prompted me to walk to arlene's grocery on stanton and orchard to catch the band perform and to watch the first act, a rap group with two men who are paraplegic.

before i left, i needed to use the restroom but there was no toilet paper. a light went off in my head about being where i was supposed to be.

after a quick meal at the noodle bar, i entered the venue. standing next to me was a VP from IFC (independent film channel). long story short: i need to send her a 5 minute demo of my documentary project before being considered for any kind of funding.

we talk outside about her professional trajectory. if she had taken the gig at animal planet, she could have been earning 400K per year right now. one, therefore, shouldn't judge oneself for the professional choices they make.

during one of the sets, a french man tried to talk to me. each time i spoke he removed his ear plugs. i thought how my own ears needed earplugs. another light went off.

later, i continued my conversation with the filmmaker about his next project: about a sperm donor in california who has been "reunited" with many of the children who were conceived with his sperm. i was familiar with the storyline because of an article in the NY times. the story is as much about the commodification of sperm and fatherhood as it is about challenging normative ideas about what constitutes a family.

on my way out, i purchased a cd and dvd by the rap group. this afternoon i gave it to a colleague who coordinates radio buys and events. she may want to invite them to our next radio party.

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emily said...

the narrative reads like a dream. what a fantastic day of discovery

i now subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.