Sunday, May 25, 2008

Disco Bowling

Bowling in Manhattan is not the game that I knew years ago as a child attending neighborhood birthday parties. Disco lights. A DJ. Beer funnels. For three hours Galvino and I played against a South American gay couple and two European heterosexuals. We danced to club music as we waited our turn to score a strike. The Dj announced that I had won one hour of free bowling after successfully naming the pop star who had the number one album in 1980. Actually, a waiter slipped me Barbara Streisand's name. He refused to accept a tip for his tip.

I scored four strikes at the height of my game, but was only good for one round. My final score was slightly higher than Barack Obama's bowling stint in Altoona. Who knew bowling was a contact sport. My arms and hips hurt for two days. Meanwhile Galvino, who won all the competitions thanks to his past as a bocce champ, can still barely move his wrist and fingers.

1 comment:

Pep said...

Galvino was the best by far!

Peppino was faster than expected... hope so.