Monday, March 31, 2008

facing the past

Upon entering a west village cafe on Saturday, I recognized someone helping out behind the counter as my former roommate and next door neighbor from when I lived on E81st street over twenty years ago. We didn't initiate a conversation but recognized each other.

The guy's first name escaped me. but it didn't stop me from thinking about him. Then I played a mental game with myself, imagining myself going online to the cafe's website where the guy was listed as proprietor. Suddenly a name appeared in my mind. His name was "Charles".

I had sublet an apartment from his roommate Kathy Najimy, the comedian and actress.

Since then, I have been looking back on the successes and mistakes of the last 20 years; how I've transformed; what I have become as a person. It was easy to look at Kathy Najimy's acting career and see a trajectory of commercial successes. But during that middle of the night conversation with myself, I recognized that there are other ways to measure success and a life of meaning.

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