Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Negative Chain Reaction

Following the parking rule of our neighborhood, Galvino went out yesterday morning to move the car. There he discovered we had a flat tire.

The "wrench" was missing from the tool kit, making it impossible to put on the donut. As the parking ban was about to start a passing police officer agreed not to give him a ticket for leaving the car on the wrong side of the street. This gave Galvino a window of time to buy a wrench at the local hardware store.

When he returned with the new tool, he discovered another cop had ticketed the car.

Then he locked himself out of the house. The "Sup" let him.

A mechanic inspecting the flat tire determined that tire had been slashed.


Pep said...
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Witness said...

I can certify that Galvino had a great day afterwards.

D.L. Hall said...
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D.L. Hall said...

BTW, this site was given a reference on one of my entries last week.

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