Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Train conversations

Waiting for the evening 2 or 3 train to arrive at Chambers Street, a 5 train appears. I hesitate to enter but a group of older men who were apparently headed to Madison Garden for a college basketball tournament insist that I board.

Older Staten Island Guy: Make room for the young lady.

(I enter the packed train surrounded by basketball fans)

Me: Thanks.

They make jokes about the Knicks and then make a comment about Boston. I turn.

Me: Where are you from (thinking they were from Boston)

Older Staten Island Guy: Staten Island. Where you from?

Me: Boston

(pointing to his basketball jacket with Celtics logo)

Young Staten Island Guy : Look I support Boston.

Me: Did your bookie buy that for you?

Men: Laughing.

Young Staten Island Guy: She's funny. She makes jokes.

(Turning to the crowd, I say)

Me: How about those Red Sox

Older Staten Island Guy: They suck.

Me: Well, my Dad is from here and he tried out for the Yankees...

Older Staten Island Guy: Then you're okay. You can stay.

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