Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11/07 Ground Zero: Place of Remembrance and Protest

I missed the official memorial held this morning for the victims of 9/11. As I approached the site I found myself capturing visceral moments that were never photographed. Each visual "snapshot" was a frozen reminder of people's loss and grief. As I got closer to the site my emotions were hard to control. There was the sound of a solemn church bell tolling for the dead. As I crossed the street and my path intersected with an NY Fireman in uniform, I nodded in respect and he returned the acknowledgment. Then I passed two adults, a male and female, from across the street I could see the face of a loved one emblazoned on their identical t-shirts.

What I did "capture" on film was a mounting protest. There was no visible tension between the protesters and law enforcement. Alex Jones was the charismatic presence behind the march. I left as torrential rains came down while the group was chanting "9/11 was an inside job". Another undocumented moment occurred on the train ride home. Standing near the doors of the subway car stood a beautiful lone fire fighter. He was wearing his uniform and pinned to his jacket was a picture of a mature man, maybe his former captain or maybe his father. The young man got off at W79th Street alone in his grief.

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D.L. Hall said...

Thanks for the street report and pictures. The photos capture so much of what you're describing. On 9/11/01 in Florida, I saw the most beautiful sunset. It was one of those skies where the clouds were small sputters but neatly aligned and totally covered the sky with a strange precision, and the light made everything glow camomile yellow. And this morning, there was a double rainbow in the western sky. A double rainbow!